Boulder, CO – The Booth Company received acknowledgement as a leading provider of leadership development services in The Christian Science Monitor’s 10-20-03 edition “To Put Best Foot Forward, Look Around”. The article focused on the use of 360 feedback in corporations and public institutions.

The reporter interviewed other providers, business professors and corporate users of 360 feedback, including one of The Booth Company’s recent clients, an international insurance company based in Georgia. The client’s project manager was quoted as recommending TBC to any other corporation that wanted an excellent instrument and service-oriented provider. He further stated that he had researched the provider community for 3 years and was very impressed by The Booth Company’s service and scientific instrumentation for executives and managers.

Daniel Booth, President and Founder of The Booth Company, noted, “We were quite pleased to be recognized in the Monitor’s recent article. While we are often mentioned in professional journals and at academic conferences, it’s frankly kind of fun for our staff to see our name in consumer publications such as this, Fortune and the WSJ.”