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Kurt Blazek

360 Degree Feedback: Everything You Need to Know

What is 360 degree feedback? Also known as multi-rater feedback, 360 degree feedback involves collecting perceptions about a person’s behavior from those around them. The feedback can come from the person’s manager, peers, direct reports, and even external stakeholders such… Continue Reading →

A guide for researching and selecting 360 feedback

360 Feedback Vendor Selection Choosing a 360 degree feedback vendor should be a deliberate and well-researched process. Today many 360 degree feedback companies are popping up overnight and creating 360 surveys with little experience in the field. Such companies may… Continue Reading →

7 Things Your Team Wishes They Could Tell You. Are You Listening?

Do you think of your team members as people who should just appreciate working with your fine company and collecting a good salary on an ongoing basis? According to a Gallup poll, only 33% of the U.S. workforce members feel… Continue Reading →

4 Tips to Encourage Your Team This Week

Every company wants to find, hire, and keep the best possible talent. A company’s most valuable asset is an engaged, motivated employee invested in their performance. As we mentioned in our article, What Do Rising-Star Millennials Want, keeping employees engaged is something… Continue Reading →

What Do Rising-Star Millennials Want?

According to a U.S. Census Bureau study in 2016, millennials are about to become the nation’s largest living adult generation. With millennials taking up a large part of the workforce, it will only be a matter of time before they also begin… Continue Reading →

The Booth Company Announces Rebrand to TruScore

Boulder, Colo. April 24, 2018 — The Booth Company, an assessment company with over 4 decades of experience in 360 degree feedback and assessment customization today announced the business’ rebrand to TruScore. The rebrand elevates the focus on the assessment… Continue Reading →