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360 Degree Feedback: Everything You Need to Know

What is 360 degree feedback? Also known as multi-rater feedback, 360 degree feedback involves collecting perceptions about a person’s behavior from those around them. The feedback can come from the person’s manager, peers, direct reports, and even external stakeholders such… Continue Reading →

A guide for researching and selecting 360 feedback

360 Feedback Vendor Selection Choosing a 360 degree feedback vendor should be a deliberate and well-researched process. Today many 360 degree feedback companies are popping up overnight and creating 360 surveys with little experience in the field. Such companies may… Continue Reading →

Engage Your Enthusiasm

It seems that we’re supposed to be enthusiastic about everything these days. Social media posts show smiling people doing wonderful things, all day every day. But, realistically, a person can’t be enthusiastic about everything. Some days we have a hard… Continue Reading →

Risk Being Innovative

Leadership requires bold thinking and a willingness to disrupt the status quo, even when things seem to be going smoothly. Not every innovation works out, of course, but failure to innovate creates stagnation, and stagnation leads to reduced market share… Continue Reading →

Keeping Up with Industry and Market Insights

It may seem that there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete the tasks that absolutely have to be done, much less find the time to scan social media or gather marketplace information about emerging trends. And yet, successful… Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Intimidated by Data

Everyone knows that a business succeeds or fails based on its bottom line. It’s surprising, then, how many leaders are uncomfortable looking at spreadsheets, graphs, and other metrics of profitability. Being able to gather the appropriate data and understand what… Continue Reading →

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