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360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback: Everything You Need to Know

“You can’t handle the truth!” Whether or not you’re a fan of A Few Good Men and the famous scene where Jack Nicholson delivers this line, the notion that individuals might be better off left in the dark always leaves… Continue Reading →

A guide for researching and selecting a 360 assessment company

Can you think of anything more exciting than settling in to begin the deep dive research necessary in choosing your next 360 assessment vendor? Get ready for the seemingly never-ending lists of pros and cons. Checklist after checklist created, updated,… Continue Reading →

How Would You Rate Your 360 Rating Scale?

Whether you’re designing your own survey or researching a potential 360 feedback purchase, chances are good that the rating scale is not at the top of your list of critical success factors. When it comes to high-quality assessments, much of… Continue Reading →

Why Do-It-Yourself 360s Fail

Do-it-yourself…this is a phrase that has always gotten me into trouble around the house. I used to think I was a lot better at household projects than I really was, but after years of home ownership I have finally embraced… Continue Reading →

Is Survey Fatigue Killing Your 360?

In my last post, I wrote about how quickly things can change both in life and in business. We see examples of this everywhere, including how ubiquitous online surveys have become in the workplace. Somewhere between the performance evaluations, culture… Continue Reading →

3 Challenges to Rolling Out a Global 360 Program

It’s amazing how quickly things change. Just last weekend my youngest son was exploring our basement closet and came across a cardboard box with a masking tape label that read “Old Electronics.” We opened it together and found, among other… Continue Reading →