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360 Degree Feedback

3 Pitfalls to Using 360s in a Talent Platform

Convenience. We’re constantly pursuing ways to make our lives, both personal and professional, as convenient and efficient as possible. It makes sense then that we oftentimes opt for a larger one-stop shop, whether for increased choices or lower price. After… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Maximizing 360 Feedback ROI

360 Feedback can be effective in assessing leaders on the main tasks for achieving business goals and objectives, exhibiting technical competence as well as developing and articulating a vision. However, the marketplace can be very confusing. Here are five factors… Continue Reading →

Avoid Rater Fatigue in Your 360 Feedback Programs

People are constantly being asked for feedback – from engagement surveys, to 360 feedback, to what type of coffee to stock in the breakroom – and this can take a toll on their willingness to provide feedback. Rater fatigue can… Continue Reading →

360 Feedback Best Practices

There are many benefits to 360 degree feedback. However, a lot of 360 feedback projects can go wrong, which results in poor ROI and can give a bad impression of 360 feedback. It is unfortunate some perceive 360s in a… Continue Reading →

Common 360 Feedback Challenges

Adding leadership competencies to your manager’s skills Many organizations are struggling with the transition into a global economy, forcing them to flatten their management hierarchy. As a result, today’s managers are faced with increased responsibilities as they take on the… Continue Reading →