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Kurt Blazek

How to Inspire and Motivate the Employees in Your Company

At the core of every great leader is the desire to inspire and motivate those around them. And when you’re on the leadership team in a company, your tenure depends upon it. Inspiring and motivating is easier said than done…. Continue Reading →

Fast Tracking Trust with Employees

Trust is the foundation for most important relationships and can take time to build, but in a business relationship, particularly between employer and employee, time is of the essence. A trustworthy leader is a powerful asset to any business, so… Continue Reading →

Sales Leadership Styles to Learn From

The world of sales is one fraught with pressure. As a sales manager who manages a large sales team, you probably already understand this. Being from the trenches, you know what it’s like for those in sales and the pressures… Continue Reading →

Sure you care, but are you passionate?

Are you passionate about your job? Sure, you care about it, you want to make better metrics than last quarter, and you help your team, but are you passionate? Company culture is formed by the attitudes of every single employee… Continue Reading →

The Unique Leadership Style of Theo Epstein

Some people think leadership is all about education. Others think it’s all about experience. Most people would agree that leadership is certainly about bot

Dead-Simple Methods to Stop Workplace Boredom and Increase Productivity

Pop quiz: what’s the worst possible thing that can happen at your workplace that ISN’T: A state-wide coffee shortage. A flash flood. Frank forgetting his egg salad sandwich in his desk over the weekend. Answer: an unmotivated employee. Bored, unmotivated… Continue Reading →