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Kurt Blazek

Dead-Simple Methods to Stop Workplace Boredom and Increase Productivity

Pop quiz: what’s the worst possible thing that can happen at your workplace that ISN’T: A state-wide coffee shortage. A flash flood. Frank forgetting his egg salad sandwich in his desk over the weekend. Answer: an unmotivated employee. Bored, unmotivated… Continue Reading →

Top 3 Inspirational Leadership TED Talks

Are you inspiring? You can determine this by how your employees behave. Are they snarky and try only to reach day’s end? Do they work slowly and always seem bored and irritated? Did you notice this attitude after you came… Continue Reading →

Mapping out Employee Accountability

Sometimes promoting employee accountability can feel like you are spinning basketballs like the Harlem Globetrotters or juggling a set of clubs like a magician. Every workplace has its challenges and its accomplishments. In order to map out employee accountability everyone… Continue Reading →

Networking: Still the Gold Standard

Regardless of the industry, business as usual is speeding up. We are called upon to respond more quickly to more diverse and urgent demands, and we are expected to deliver a higher-quality result. As these new standards become the norm… Continue Reading →

Leading When You Don’t Know What Lies Ahead

It’s right there on your TV, your computer screen and the front page of the newspaper. The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. The Cubs even won the World Series! How are we supposed to adapt effectively to all… Continue Reading →

Don’t Fall Into The New Leader Trap

You’ve been promoted! After working hard to master your workload and impress your colleagues with your talent and dedication, you’ve been tapped to lead a team. Congratulations! Before you leap into your new role, though, take a minute to think… Continue Reading →