Boulder, Co. – The Booth Company, an international provider of 360 feedback surveys, announces the release of its new feedback report template. Survey results will now be delivered in a more concise format that is geared more toward pdf than print, although they can still be delivered in print format. A single template will be used for all Task Cycle┬« surveys, but it is easily customizable for different client needs. Templates can be provided with or without development resources, according to client request, and are designed to be compatible with TruTrack, the company’s active development plan.

“This new format is based on feedback from our customers and is designed to be more graphical and visual than our previous versions,” said Kurt Blazek, Design Director for The Booth Company. “It is more flexible, more dynamic, and more concise than previous reports. We hope we’ve created a report that is a good base for our clients to use and easier to customize.”