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Boulder, CO — The Booth Company’s 360 degree feedback surveys are an integral component of the MBA program at George Fox University. As part of a course on organizations, Jim Steele, Ed.D., invites his students to choose one of several surveys that offers the best fit for their professional needs. Learners are encouraged to select raters from their business contacts, bringing the voices of their working associates into the academic process. By providing learners with a firsthand view of how they are perceived in their work environments, students are confronted with evidence of the impact of their own leadership behaviors.

Students are pleased with the 360 degree survey process. “I chose the survey participants carefully to assure honest, open feedback,” said credit union CEO and 2007 George Fox MBA graduate Barbara Mathey. “Although some of the results were difficult to see, it was exactly the feedback I was hoping for. The insight gave me the opportunity to reevaluate and change my approach to more effectively use my leadership skills and to obtain additional skills where I was lacking.”

Learners appreciate the flexibility to choose a survey relevant to their specific needs. From a teaching and facilitation perspective, the common design of the surveys makes it possible to provide a single overview to the survey process, Task Cycle, and feedback reports, even though multiple surveys are in use. Individual coaching sessions after the survey results are distributed provide ample opportunity for students to explore the unique elements of the specialized survey results.

The George Fox MBA’s Executive Track ( attracts sophisticated mid-career adults looking for a learning experience that is both academically challenging and relevant to their professional lives. As leaders and executives in a variety of organizations ranging from technology to health care to not-for-profit agencies, their learning needs are often driven by the unique characteristics of the working environment. Often, an executive who experiences one of the Booth 360 degree surveys as a student will seek a follow-up survey to evaluate progress. Consultant and Air National Guard Reservist Joseph Brewer, a 2008 George Fox MBA graduate, observed that “the power of this tool appears to be in the ability to show professional development, and that analysis comes only through the second review. I was able to see those areas that improved and it was an enlightening and rewarding experience.” He concluded that “this tool will remain in my professional inventory as a means to develop strengths.”

Jim Steele, Ed.D., GPHR, is Assistant Professor of Management in George Fox University’s School of Management. Jim has assisted students and organizations in implementing 360 degree feedback surveys from the Booth Company since the early 1990s. George Fox University, with its main campus in Newberg, Oregon, and centers in Boise and Portland that offer the MBA, is the only Christian university in the Pacific Northwest classified by U.S. News & World Report as a national university. George Fox offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 40 majors, and 12 master’s and doctoral degrees including the Master in Business Administration and Doctor of Management.