Boulder, CO — The Booth Company announced today that it has partnered with learning solutions publisher HRDQ to develop a customized assessment portal powered by TruScore, The Booth Company’s signature online application for designing, implementing, and controlling all aspects of multi-rater feedback surveys. This customized, branded portal expands the scope of HRDQ’s online assessment products and includes the company’s 360-degree learning instruments, previously available only in print. In addition, TruScore technology provides enhanced features and increased flexibility to ensure a high quality user and learner experience.

A longtime technological leader in the learning industry, The Booth Company released TruScore in 2007. This technology allows all aspects of the feedback process to be customized while enhancing user experience and administrative control at every level. Most importantly, TruScore is designed to be compatible with a broad range of assessments, making it an ideal platform for independently authored surveys as well as The Booth Company’s Task Cycle surveys.

TruScore is a secure, on-demand application operating on Microsoft’s NET framework. This gives survey participants and administrators the opportunity to access TruScore at any time from a computer that has an internet connection and browser. This platform also provides endless possibilities for meeting specialized requests at any stage of the feedback process.