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Fast Tracking Trust with Employees

Trust is the foundation for most important relationships and can take time to build, but in a business relationship, particularly between employer and employee, time is of the essence. A trustworthy leader is a powerful asset to any business, so… Continue Reading →

Is Data Driving Your Training Decisions?

The Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) 2017 State of the Industry Report reports that spending on employee learning has increased. Organizations spent $1,273 per employee in 2016, compared with $1,252 in 2015. In addition, the average number of formal learning… Continue Reading →

How Would You Rate Your 360 Rating Scale?

Whether you’re designing your own survey or researching a potential 360 feedback purchase, chances are good that the rating scale is not at the top of your list of critical success factors. When it comes to high-quality assessments, much of… Continue Reading →

How to Increase Personal Drive

As a manager, you set the tone for your team’s performance. If you are enthusiastic about your work, you will probably generate a similar level of enthusiasm among your team members. If, however, you are tired and/or bored with your… Continue Reading →

Why Do-It-Yourself 360s Fail

Do-it-yourself…this is a phrase that has always gotten me into trouble around the house. I used to think I was a lot better at household projects than I really was, but after years of home ownership I have finally embraced… Continue Reading →

How to Set and Enforce Performance Standards

Even if your company sets the standards of performance for every job and provides data on every person’s activities, you, the manager, will need to monitor the standards on a regular basis and discuss them with your team members. The… Continue Reading →

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