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Turning Leaders into Powerful Mentors

I’d grab my notebook, dash out of the office bounce up the stairs, and enter the hall where my mentor’s office was. I’d walk in the office saying “Hi Linda,” and prepare for my one hour of enlightenment. We talked… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos: How his unique leadership style set Amazon apart

Jeff Bezos is a study of how customer satisfaction impacts the success of business. While most billionaires of the internet age were spending their youths learning to program and code, Jeff Bezos was fixing tractors on his grandfather’s farm. Years later… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Superbosses ~ How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent

Finkelstein is one of the big names in management/leadership circles. He’s the director of Tuck’s Center for Leadership at Dartmouth College, and a consultant and speaker to senior executives around the globe. So when he speaks (or writes), it’s wise… Continue Reading →

Transform Workplace Negativity

A workplace buzzing with positive energy is key to success. The atmosphere pulses with creativity, cooperation, and synchronicity. If you’ve got it, you thrive. But what if you don’t have it? What if you inherit a leadership position over a… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Foster Communication in the Workplace

You want a work environment that is conducive to open communication. Ideally, you want employees to be able to discuss problems, successes, and ideas freely, without worrying about potential ramifications. To that end, there are several steps you can take… Continue Reading →

Get Recognized at Work

Recognition in the workplace comes in many forms. Maybe it’s a note from a coworker thanking you for your significant contributions to their project, or a shout out in a meeting by the big boss letting the team know what a great asset you are – regardless of what form it comes in, one simple truth remains: recognition feels good.

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