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5 Tips to Avoid Summer Slow-Down At Work

Author and philosopher Sam Keen said, “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” That’s true for beach-going and fishing, but leading a business or team of employees requires productivity year-round. Here are five tips to avoid summer slow-down at work…. Continue Reading →

Grit and Bear it for Success: How Sticking With It Pays Off

If you are reading about business these days, you have more than likely read about Angela Duckworth, Ph.D., who continues to study the value of “grit”: what it is, who has it, and what you can do to cultivate it… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Grit to Great

I was initially put off by the title of this book, because I loved “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, and this seemed to be an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Collins’ book. But, after a few pages,… Continue Reading →

Inspiring Creativity with Transformational Leadership

Here you are, you’ve made it. A leadership role at an innovation powerhouse. You’ve put major sweat-equity into vetting and hiring the best employees to not only grow your business, but to also make your company a household name. Now,… Continue Reading →

Get More from a Slow and Simple Work Life

Your FitBit wakes you up at 5:30am. You grab the remote with one hand and your phone with the other. Simultaneously you are watching the news and checking Twitter. Then you switch the TV to ESPN and your phone to… Continue Reading →

Is Execution More Important Than Planning?

There has been much written about how important execution is to whether a company thrives; however, superstar team leaders know that strategic planning is every bit as important, and that planning before executing is one of the ultimate keys to… Continue Reading →

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