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What Are You REALLY Celebrating?

High-fives and victory dances are awesome (especially for uploading to YouTube after one too many celebratory toasts at the all-night company happy hour). But sometimes we need to pause in the midst of the revelry to ask just what it… Continue Reading →

Using Your Internal Brand to Lead

The term “brand” can apply to someone’s style of leadership in a given organization. So how do we draw the parallel between the more common and familiar brands, and the way that the term can describe someone’s role as a… Continue Reading →

You’re Not A Micromanager, Right?

Micromanaging. Everyone who has ever worked as part of the typical office workforce can attest to at least one boss who was a micromanager. They’re dreaded and feared, and when push comes to shove either their people snap or they… Continue Reading →

Teach Your Managers the Art of Feedback

When an organization introduces a new initiative to train their managers to give feedback, a feeling of dread can often come over those managers who will be taking the training. Anyone who’s ever been a manager knows why – very… Continue Reading →

Book Review: The End of Average

Every day we are measured against the yardsticks of averages. The assumption that metrics comparing us to an average—like GPA, personality assessments, standardized test results, and performance review ratings—reveal something meaningful about our potential is so ingrained in our society… Continue Reading →

Envisioning Opportunities – A “Keystone” Skill

The skill set of a good leader must be both wide and deep. Some skills are innate, and others are learned and developed. Remember television’s popular boss, Michael Scott? His skill set was thin and shallow. As much as we… Continue Reading →

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