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Alright, 360 Assessments do not fall into the testing category that you can “Ace”, however there are steps you can take to ensure that you are getting the most out of your 360 Assessment.  Here’s one question to get you started:

Which of the following will help you get the most out of a 360 feedback program?

Acknowledge the Process – Feedback is a positive thing and should be used as a development tool.  If you go into a 360 assessment with this in mind, you will get out of it what you put into it, which should be a clear and concise view of your strengths and weaknesses within your organizational culture. Feedback will tell a story, not fiction, and it’s up to you to listen to it.  But awareness is only the first step.

Be Completely Honest with Yourself – Having the ability to be self-aware and understand your strengths and weaknesses will help you progress your leadership skills quickly.  If you work in an organization that communicates effectively and you communicate with your manager/s, direct reports, and peers in an effective manner, kudos to you and your company, and 360’s will only further reinforce the culture of collaboration, communication and execution. The 360 process should also create another effective communication channel between you and your manager, which will help set your goals moving forward.

Create Goals and Follow Up – Don’t necessarily try to do everything all at once, but you will want to target one or two areas to work on in the next few months, perhaps starting with the more strategic competencies.  Make sure you talk with your manager on setting clear goals and follow up from time to time to see if adjustments to your plan need to be made to keep you on track.  Time is one of our most precious resources and day-to-day work processes can cause you to lose track of goals over time.  Make a re-occurring calendar reminder to check in on yourself frequently.  This will help you make improvements that will be noticeable when the next 360 assessment project comes around.

Don’t forget to utilize your Strengths and Help Others – As it’s not all about your weaknesses or soft spots, but it’s also about leveraging your strengths.  Your 360 feedback report will show areas where you are a rock star, and sometimes you aren’t even aware of these unrealized strengths until you go through a 360.  Now it’s time to use these Strengths to help others.   This will serve multiple benefits within your organization and show your abilities as a leader.  For example, if you take a leadership survey such as the LCM from The Booth Company, and the scores indicate that you rate high at managing conflict, you can use this skill to help others find purposeful ways to manage conflict so they can be better prepared when unexpected problems arise.  (helpful tips are included in the report to get you started down the right path)

E. All of the above, as in ‘all’ feedback can be a gift if you take the right approach.