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high-touch service and customization

Grow your leaders with our end-to-end 360 degree feedback services: customized hosting and expert guidance for reliable multi-rater assessments. Your content or ours.

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Stay competitive in the leadership development space

Outsource your technology so you can focus on staying #1 in the training industry. Impress clients and prospects with a modern, intuitive 360 feedback interface.

  • Easy-to-use online portal
  • Rich data analysis
  • Easy-to-read, interactive reporting
  • Use your own assessments


Develop high-performing leaders — without managing a complicated process

Let go of the administrative burden, and empower your talent development team to make smarter decisions that affect your bottom line.

  • Customized for your organization
  • Dedicated assessment advisors
  • Lean, easy-to-complete surveys
  • Validated assessments


Create motivated, productive leaders who know how to improve

Take advantage of our highly skilled coaching pool. They’ll help your leaders navigate the report’s findings, defuse emotional responses, and maximize their potential.

  • 1:1 coaching – virtual or in-person
  • Self-guided interpretation
  • Development planning tools
  • Train-the-trainer programs

Get immediate, personalized service — not just a software login

Some companies offer 360 platforms and others offer attentive customer service. Our team guarantees both.

  • Hands-on guidance, every step of the way
  • Dedicated assessment advisors who drive the process
  • Rapid + comprehensive email support
  • Ongoing direction from psychometricians & experts
  • Multi-rater, 180 or self-only compatible
  • Wide range of integrations and customizations
  • Enterprise grade network & software security
  • Rights managed for the control you need

We’re a team of 360 feedback specialists helping organizations like yours since 1972.

For over 40 years, our robust 360-degree-feedback services have helped medium to large organizations develop talent with ease and peace of mind.

Need expert partners to replicate your intellectual property? We can reproduce your existing assessments and reporting with better technology, better reporting, and up-to-date features.
Need reliable content? We help you build customized assessments measuring your team’s most important competencies. Or, choose from our reliable and ready-to-use assessments.
White glove service from 360 experts who remove headaches and hassles for the best possible outcome.
They care about you as much as you do

"TruScore is a true partner: it’s not about “we sold you something and let’s get you set up as quick as we can so we can move onto the next thing." They are dedicated to getting stuff right; they care about your success as much as you do."

- Damon Argyle, Vice President of Operations, Zenger Folkman

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Why TruScore?

Our team can make your 360 feedback easy.

Get consummate 360 specialists

We do one thing — and we do it really well. For over 40 years, we’ve focused all our energy on building smarter, more effective 360 solutions.

Get highly customizable products

90% of our clients work with us to create customized surveys and reporting, because they want highly relevant results.

Get service and peace of mind

95% of our enterprise clients stick with us for 5 years or more, because they love our people — and our service.

I have a hard time thinking of another company that could do what TruScore can

"TruScore’s strength is its flexibility and willingness to be creative in the way it applied our unique system without sacrificing the integrity of the instrument itself. I have a hard time thinking of another company that could do what TruScore can."

- Jon Wrathall, Senior Advisor, Leadership Development for TransCanada

Get improved leaders — create happier employees.

How we can help you today

360 Feedback

360 Feedback

You know 360 feedback works— but you need validated + customizable assessments you can trust.

360 Software

360 Software

You’ve got solid content, but you need a cutting-edge platform that will wow your clients and employees.

360 Coaching

360 Coaching

You’re ready to develop your most effective people, but you want actionable guidance on the results.

Our team drives the entire process

Are you...

tolerating slow "end-user support" and not getting the proper attention to help you when you need it most?

Get a dedicated assessment advisor who responds to you quickly and knows your account intimately — so your needs are dealt with efficiently, saving you time.

wasting too much time tracking and managing rater responses — instead of focusing on what you do best?

Get a fully-managed 360 life cycle that ensures success from consultation and setup to administration, monitoring, and report delivery. After all, you’ve got better things to do.

feeling confused and overwhelmed, with no one to call about best 360 feedback best practices?

Get expert guidance on best practices helping to ensure your efforts will have the expected outcome you have planned.

You cannot afford
disappointed clients or substandard leaders.

You’re a leader in your space — and you have a reputation to protect.

You cannot afford to:

  • Feel embarrassed every time you demo — because you know your interface is lacking, but haven’t gotten around to changing it
  • Disappoint your clients and prospects repeatedly — because your features are limited, and you cannot check all their boxes
  • Field complaint after complaint from your customers — because the platform is down...again
  • Chase to keep up with your competitors — because the race is expensive, and this is not your strength

You cannot afford to:

  • Work with do-it-all survey vendors who have no 360 specialty — nor the expertise to build them right
  • Deal with a faceless company that doesn’t value your long-term business
  • Spend weeks— if not months — driving the (time-intensive) assessment process
  • Rely on one-size-fits-all surveys that aren’t built around your organization’s core competencies