Custom or Turn-key

360 Degree Feedback

Grow your leaders with reliable 360 degree feedback built on 40 years of specialized 360 assessment expertise.


Which assessment path is right for you?

Create your own assessment

Use our extensive competency library to create surveys that assess what matters to you most. Each competency has been carefully built to measure behaviors—not traits!—so the results can lead to real change.

Leadership Competencies

covering the primary responsibilities of leadership today

Management Competencies

covering the manager’s role, from front-line to senior

Individual Contributor Competencies

covering everything from high-potential leaders to technical professionals

Leverage our existing assessments

No need for customization? Use our 10 ready-to- go reliable and valid 360 degree feedback assessments. From senior leadership to up-and-coming individual contributors, we’ve got you covered.

Use your own

Already have your own 360, 180, or Self survey? Great! We’ll help you get it up and running on our survey platform. Your dedicated survey expert will be available to support you every step of the way.

Rich data brilliantly

"TruScore provided us with a scalable, easy-to-use solution that works brilliantly for our clients. Our assessments developed in partnership with TruScore possess all the great features: an efficient online portal, rich data analysis, and easy-to-read reporting. TruScore's service is unbeatable."

- Liz Wiseman, New York Times bestselling author and CEO of The Wiseman Group

Get reliable content honed over decades

Developing your organization’s leaders is an investment. And if you’re creating a training program based on 360 feedback results, you want to know those results are reliable.

Our content has been formulated and refined by experts so you get the results that matter.

  • Reliable results for development
  • Gain insights into critical role skills
  • Customize while maintaining reliability
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Identify challenges, as well as strengths
  • Benchmark against thousands of others
  • Built on a model with a leveraging sequence
  • Rooted in academia and research based

Customized assessments that move the needle

Anyone can churn out a survey — but only experts can build one that’s relevant for you. Drawing on four decades of experience, we’ve learned that “one-size-fits-none,” so we encourage our clients to customize instead of trying to talk them out of it.

Our 360 experts pull from our extensive library of competencies to build an assessment suited to your organization, without compromising reliability.

Distill your organization’s core competencies
Map our content around those competencies
Create a laser-targeted survey measuring what’s truly important for you
Measurable and successful results...

"With TruScore’s extensive database and expertise around leadership development, we were able to customize the 360 assessments to fully meet our needs... they continue to provide measurable and successful results throughout our organization."

- Kenneth Randall, Senior Director Learning & Development, Banner Health

Reporting that’s easy-to-understand

If you’ve worked with 360s, you know that clear, consumable feedback is critical.

  • Dashboard: Detailed Scores
  • Dashboard: Blind Spot Analysis
  • Dashboard: Highest and Lowest
  • PDF: Overall Summary
  • PDF: Development Resources
  • PDF: Plots
  • Review summary level data and click on a data point to drill down to the score details.
  • Easily turn rater groups on and off to focus or compare specific sets of data.
  • Toggle between Raw and Centile Scores, while some graphs also allow you to sort Highest to Lowest, Lowest to Highest, or by Competency order.
  • PDF reports are full color with stunning visual displays of 360 survey data.
  • Many customization options available, from charting to matching an existing report.
  • Easily spot YOY development trends by comparing current with previous scores.
  • Development planning, resources, and tips to guide improvement, if available.
  • Aggregate roll-ups of scores and ranks.
  • Executive summary reports available, designed to be shared with supervisors.

You are not alone

We help you design and manage the entire 360 degree feedback process.

We are not a SaaS company. Our 360 experts are here to help manage and guide your 360 process. We consider ourselves an extension of your team, and encourage you to lean on us throughout the entire 360 life cycle.

360 Degree Feedback Process
first step

Agree on the fundamentals

We collaborate with you to determine the key tenets of your 360 feedback program. What is the goal? How will the results be used? What support or coaching will be provided to participants?

second step

Select the right assessment

Our subject matter experts work with you to select or customize an assessment, ensuring it accurately measures the role in question and utilizes language that will resonate with the audience.

third step

Determine the process

We’ll partner with you to determine which processes will best achieve your program goals. Leveraging the right best practices, technology and features can make or break a 360 initiative.

fourth step

Create a communication plan

Proper framing is critical. Communicating the program goals, process, and what is expected of each participant and rater will help with employee buy-in and participation levels.

fifth step

Roll out and support the program

Launch date has arrived! Your 360 advisor is available to help manage invitations, reminders, return rate tracking, deadline extensions, report delivery, and general Q&A.

sixth step

Leverage 360 results and follow-up

Leveraging results is critical to any 360 initiative. We strongly encourage our clients to work with a coach and create a development plan. Aggregate reports and follow-up surveys are also options.