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Managing Employees You Can’t See

Walk into any Starbucks or Panera and you will see people working, gazing intently at their laptop screens or talking animatedly on a conference call that no one else can hear. Working remotely–sometimes called telecommuting, teleworking, or working from home–has… Continue Reading →

How to Communicate Effectively

You’ve probably heard about the magic that is supposed to happen when you practice Management by Walking Around. This is a term coined by management guru Tom Peters in the 1980s when he noticed that good managers communicate a lot… Continue Reading →

Unleashing the Power of Employees Through Empathy

When we enter the workplace every morning, we don’t check our humanity at the door. Awareness of the psychology of motivation and the role of empathy in effective leadership will help you inspire loyalty and increase your employees’ productivity. Understanding… Continue Reading →

Grace Under Pressure

We’ve all been there. The situation is unexpectedly complex and risky, none of the options look good, and the team is looking at me with big, deer-in-the-headlight eyes while the boss makes it clear that only the Right Decision will… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Bridging the Soft Skills Gap

Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: How to Teach the Missing Basics to Today’s Young Talent, by Bruce Tulgan. 2015. NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Whenever I talk to colleagues about their work situations, most of those who are over… Continue Reading →

What Are You REALLY Celebrating?

High-fives and victory dances are awesome (especially for uploading to YouTube after one too many celebratory toasts at the all-night company happy hour). But sometimes we need to pause in the midst of the revelry to ask just what it… Continue Reading →