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3 Ways your Company can Celebrate Success

The deal is done. The new client has been signed. The pitch got two thumbs up.

It’s easy for days and weeks to get away from you when a big project is in the works. But once the team has scored a win, it’s important for managers to make sure they celebrate. Research shows that reward and recognition programs increase employee happiness and productivity while reducing employee turnover. In turn, company morale stays high.

Many companies already have recognition programs in place, but others are still trying to find a way to incorporate rewards into the culture. Managers who are reluctant to start recognition programs may believe that these programs will be a large added cost to company business. However, it is possible to recognize employees in ways that are both easy to implement and cost efficient.

  • Utilize existing company communication channels

Is there a company newsletter? Include a brief article about an outstanding employee who has gone above and beyond. Highlight a specific success and show how this benefits the employee and the company. Take this a step further by allowing employees to nominate someone for inclusion in the newsletter. Everyone will begin to feel invested in the recognition process.

  • Offer a personal thank you

Sometimes employees just want to know that their hard work is being noticed. Handwritten notes and small tokens of thanks let employees know that their time and dedication is not only noticed but appreciated.

  • Organize one major recognition event every year

Is there an important date for your company? This may be the day it was founded or when it expanded and moved into its current location. Make this an opportunity to celebrate employee recognition company-wide. Organize an afternoon outing at a baseball game, amusement park or get together for happy hour. Partner with a community group that needs volunteers and offer that as an alternative assignment for an afternoon. Taking a break from the normal work day allows employees to interact with other groups and departments they may not work with on a regular basis. Tying this day to an important date in company history contributes to a company culture that shows employees that they are recognized as part of the company’s progress.

Do you have any examples of successful company celebrations? Are there some strategies that work better than others? Let us know!