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The Booth Company (Boulder, CO), an international provider of leadership development surveys, announces the release of TruScore™, an online application for designing, implementing and controlling all aspects of multi-rater feedback surveys. TruScore makes leadership development available to any organization by allowing unprecedented levels of control and customization while allowing compatibility with any 360-degree feedback survey or multi-rater leadership assessment.

A longtime technological leader in the industry, The Booth Company first offered 360 surveys and administrative tools online in 1996. Prior to this, surveys were completed with paper and pencil, and then tediously scanned into computers to calculate scores. The Internet drastically increased efficiency, allowing The Booth Company to offer customized feedback solutions to fit the individual needs of clients. The release of TruScore continues this trend, allowing all aspects of the process to be customized while enhancing user experience and administrative control at every level. Most importantly, TruScore is designed to be compatible with a broad range of assessments, making it an ideal platform for independently authored surveys as well as The Booth Company’s Task Cycle® surveys.

TruScore improves the implementation of 360-surveys by providing project managers with the administrative tools necessary to manage large projects. They’ll find it easy to add participants to projects, monitor their progress in real-time, and control the solicitation of feedback. The participants and their raters are automatically guided through the process with an intuitive interface that clearly defines next steps and expectations. All survey screens, project emails and feedback reports are customizable to fit the needs of any organization. Additionally, each supports translation into double-byte character languages and is available with organizational branding, including company specific logos and color schemes.

TruScore is a secure, on-demand application operating on Microsoft’s .NET framework. This gives survey participants and administrators the opportunity to access TruScore at any time from a computer that has an Internet connection and browser. This platform also provides endless possibilities for meeting specialized requests at any stage of the feedback process.

For additional information, including a demo of TruScore in action, please contact a Booth Company representative at