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The Booth Company (TBC) celebrates 40 years of helping managers and executives become better leaders. Headquartered in Boulder since its founding by Dr. Daniel J. Booth Ed.D, TBC currently serves leaders throughout the world in many of their own languages. This is a long way from its beginning in 1972 as a one-person university-town consultancy.

The idea behind The Booth Company has always been to improve organizational performance by raising the competence of leaders and managers. In the mid-70’s, Dr. Booth became convinced that 360 degree, or upward feedback had the potential for creating cultural shifts in organizations. Dr. Booth immediately began designing questionnaires and trying them out on regional organizations.

Simultaneously in Connecticut, Dr. Clark L. Wilson released the first of his multi-rater instruments and was testing them at DuPont and Pitney Bowes. When Dr. Booth read the professional reviews of Wilson’s instruments and Wilson learned of Booth’s ability to find users, they formed a partnership; Wilson as the scientist and The Booth Company as the marketer. The companies officially merged in 1999.

Today, TBC has evolved into a full-service survey hosting solution for clients, both large and small. In addition to their own line of role-specific assessments, they offer custom survey authoring, competency mapping, a wide array of survey hosting solutions, and executive coaching. “Our extensive expertise in the 360 assessment space allows our customers to fully entrust their survey initiatives to us, so they can focus on what they do best – running their own business. Let’s be honest, 360 software providers are a dime a dozen. To stand out today you have to offer an experience that is unique, and tough to replicate. We go beyond our content, software features, and competitive pricing to put forth a solution package that truly solves the customer’s problem,” said Derek Murphy, CEO. “We’ve always prided ourselves on our customer service reputation, and contribute much of our success to our dedication to this metric.”

Looking ahead, TBC sees some exciting opportunities on the horizon. “Our commitment to investing in our TruScore® hosting platform is really starting to pay dividends,” said Tom Kuhne, Managing Partner & CTO. “We’ve overhauled our client experience in the past 18 months, upgrading our administrative and participant interfaces to better reflect our customers’ vision of what’s most important to the success of their programs. These investments have reduced technical support issues and made the overall assessment process more efficient,” TBC expects their rate of growth to accelerate in the coming years, as they expand into new niches within the survey hosting arena and optimize their offerings for the mobile environment. “We’re looking forward to celebrating our 50th year,” said Tom Kuhne.

For a private demo or to discuss how 360 degree survey and survey hosting solutions can help your organization, please contact Hank Curtis at The Booth Company Today at 303.865.3776!