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The Booth Company (TBC), an international provider of 360 feedback assessments and survey hosting solutions announces the release of a new survey portal, designed to significantly enhance the user experience and simplify the completion of an assessment survey. The new portal is mobile device/tablet friendly and will allow users to navigate through a leadership survey quickly and efficiently. Automated features make it easy to invite raters, send reminder notifications, set goals and view reports as part of an organizational plan for ongoing improvement and leadership development.

“We are consistently devoted to improving our solutions to meet client demands,” explains Derek Murphy, CEO of The Booth Company, “our customers utilize our solutions because of our dedication to provide the most comprehensive feedback platform available, which includes all the necessary features to complete each role-specific survey successfully. This recent upgrade to our portal is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also addresses features that our customers were asking for, like improved multi-rater invite templates and enhanced reporting features.”

A longtime technological leader in the industry, TBC first offered 360 feedback surveys online in 1996, with the introduction of the online application TruScore®, designed for implementing and controlling each aspect of a multi-rater feedback assessment program. Since then, TruScore® has continuously advanced the implementation of the 360 degree feedback survey process by providing users with an improved “invite and remind raters” procedure that is robust, streamlined and intuitive. “They’ll find it easy to navigate through a survey, with an integrated flash tutorial,” Tom Kuhne, CTO of The Booth Company comments, “The TruTrack® development planning feature has development tips and leadership resources making it easy to create and share both goal and action planning. In addition, all survey screens, project emails and feedback reports are customizable to fit the needs of any organization.”

TruScore® supports any language translation and is available with organizational branding, including company specific logos and color schemes. To view a demo of the new TruScore® interface click HERE. If you would like a private demo or to discuss how 360 survey and survey hosting solutions can help your organization, please contact Hank Curtis at The Booth Company Today – 303.865.3776.