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Sure you care, but are you passionate?

Are you passionate about your job? Sure, you care about it, you want to make better metrics than last quarter, and you help your team, but are you passionate? Company culture is formed by the attitudes of every single employee in the organization, and it’s the managers who set the example. Even a talented team won’t give their best work with a sluggish and unmotivated manager. If you really want to boost your efficiency, quality, and performance then make sure you wake up every morning ready to passionately lead your team to victory.

Setting a Good Example
When you come into the office whistling, that good cheer is infectious. So too will be your excitement to dive into work and do better than ever before. Let your pep talks get a little grandiose and don’t be afraid to let your eyes shine with ambition. Your team may laugh at first, but you’ll soon notice a new energy and hustle on even the most mundane tasks. Employees will follow a passionate leader to the ends of the earth.

Motivate to Innovate
They say that invention is the child of necessity, but innovation is the child of passion. Being a great leader means never being completely satisfied with your work. This means that even if you rocked it this week, there’s always room for improvement. When you’ve hit peak performance using your current tactics, don’t settle in. Change it up! Use your passion to seek new and better ways to do your job and enable your team to do theirs.

Give It Your All
As a leader, it’s your natural goal to see your team working at optimal performance, giving every ounce of talent and energy to projects that deserve their attention. The best way to accomplish this is to optimize your own efforts. Make sure you’re working hard instead of staying busy, doing the most important work first, and delegating intelligently. This allows you to optimize from the top down and shows your team how you expect them to follow your lead.

If you’re just starting to implement a passionate leadership style, don’t be surprised if it’s hard work! Sliding into bed at night satisfied and exhausted is a good sign that you’re doing it right. Soon enough, your mind and body will adapt to committing more energy to your job and being passionate will get both easier and more fun for everyone involved. For a dedicated team and phenomenal project results, there’s no substitute for passionate leadership.