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Our CEO (Derek Murphy) recently had an opportunity to join a panel discussion on the powerful combination of 360s and coaching. Kristen Nolan from, Jonathan Reitz from Fluxify, Duke Holliday from Sony Interactive, and Derek Murphy from TruScore sat...... Continue Reading →

TruScore has been assisting managers and executives in becoming better leaders for 50 years. Originally established as The Booth Company in 1972 by Dr. Daniel J. Booth, Ed.D., TruScore has grown from a one-person consultancy to a full-service assessment...... Continue Reading →

If the power of managers as leader-coaches has become so well documented, why do so many L&D leaders still feel like they’re fighting a constant battle — without the necessary weapons — to move toward this type of development? Here are six common reasons.... Continue Reading →

It’s become increasingly clear how wide and significant a manager’s impact is on today’s organization. A manager’s value is no longer only measured by how many widgets their team produced last fiscal quarter or how good their compliance record was.... Continue Reading →

When it comes to 360 degree feedback surveys there are some basic DOs and DON’Ts you’ll want to keep in mind before embarking on your developmental improvement journey. You can read all about the right way to handle things here. The following is a step-by-step...... Continue Reading →

360-degree reviews are a reliable tool for creating development plans for individual employees in key roles. Many of the standard roles you'll see in corporate organizations already have extensive libraries of 360-degree review surveys and resources.... Continue Reading →