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The Booth Company (TBC), a global assessment company with over 4 decades of experience, specializing in 360 degree feedback and survey customization, announces the launch of its newly designed website, at

The new website has been redesigned to be more contemporary, keeping in tune with today’s web trends while providing information about TBCs offerings. “The latest evolution of The Booth Company’s website was designed to simplify the visitor’s experience by giving them the information they seek quickly. We have done away with needless marketing jargon keeping the content concise and to the point. The site structure has also been simplified reducing the number of clicks and pages associated with a specific product and/or service.” said Kurt Blazek, Design Director for TBC. “We hope the new approach will be a better experience for our visitors.”

The redesigned website highlights The Booth Companies line of role-specific 360 degree feedback assessments with sample reports, demos, and more. Also highlighted, are TBC’s hosting options for companies that have their own content and are looking for a feature-rich 360 degree feedback hosting platform. TBC has customization options to fit nearly every assessment scenario and the new website shows off these options making it easy for visitors to choose the best fit for their organization.

In addition to TBC’s new website, is the ReVolve leadership blog and newsletter featuring an abundance of leadership and development blog posts, articles, book reviews, and more.