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Another holiday vacation has come and gone. Just when everyone was getting used to sleeping in and eating an endless supply of cookies, it’s time to go back to work.

While some employees are physically present in the office, their mind may still be in vacation mode. It’s no secret after a few days off of work it can be a bit difficult for employees to dive right back into workload. Some employees may have a lethargic attitude toward anything work-related – much to the dismay of managers.


Leaders, if you want life back in the office, it is your job to create the energy.

A high energy level is actually an extremely important leadership trait. As a leader, everything you do is contagious. If you act ambivalent about your roles and responsibilities and display a discouraged attitude, the organization will reflect it. However, when you are enthusiastic with high energy and drive, it can inspire, motivate, and reenergize your co-workers.

To play at the top of your game every day, you need to create your own energy. Here are some development tips to keep in mind.

1.) Approach each day with the same sense of discovery that you had when you were a kid.

2.) Encourage a work/life balance for yourself and your team members.

3.) Decide on a clear-cut, long-range goal for yourself. Then establish what you need to do and what attitudes you will need in order to achieve it.

4.) Exercise regularly, eat well, get enough sleep, laugh often – all these impact your energy level.

Remember, your team looks to you to set the pace and provide a role model for hard work and quality. So make the choice to be energetic and bring some life back into the office. It will be contagious.