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Lead your Team to Excellence by Embracing Change

You know the old saying, “The only thing in life that is certain is death and taxes.” Well there is something else that is certain in life, change. It is inevitable, at some point we all face a change of some kind. This is a good thing. Change means we are learning, growing, and moving forward. Imagine if you never learned anything new or tried different things. You would still be at home, living with your parents, drinking from a bottle. Not a pretty picture. While this example is extreme the point is the same, growth is good. Change in business is also a given. It can include such things as new procedures, policy changes or new management. As a leader, how do you get your team excited about change?

First, acknowledge that change is not always easy. People need their feelings to be validated. You may be a person that adapts easily to change, however, this is not the case for everyone. A good leader keeps the lines of communication open with all team members. There must be an open door policy for discussion. A team knowing that they will be heard is a necessity towards easing the anxiety associated with change.

Next, focus on the positive. There are two ways of looking at any situation. Focus in detail on the positive aspects of change with your team. Sure, there will be negative things that occur, and cannot be avoided. However, do not dwell on these issues. Address them with the team, while providing a practical solution. Talk up the positive changes and get people excited for the future.

Finally, be an advocate for your team. If there is a change being implemented that you know in your gut to be wrong, find out why and if necessary, stand-up against it. Yes, change happens; but if something doesn’t seem right, question it. It could be that you were not given all the information needed to fully understand the change. Be well-informed and knowledgeable about all issues being changed. You may be able to suggest a better method that will be good for both management and workers.