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If it was your business, which leader would you want – Manning or Tebow?

The recent signing of Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos and the trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, bring up an interesting scenario that can be compared to various leadership styles in the business world.

For example, a company has a leader with a little over a year of management experience.  This person, (we will call him Jim), has brought the company back from the dead and transformed the organization into a major contender in its respective industry.  Through innovation and often risky business methods, Jim takes chances and has had some success doing so.  There are certainly areas for improvement that Jim needs in order to ensure future stability and growth, but it will take some time to cultivate through coaching and a strong organizational development plan.

Next, a proven leader (we will call him Clayton), with over 10+ years of experience in the industry, is let go from an employer looking to re-organize.  Clayton has helped build his previous organization to one of the top players in the industry and did so through strategic planning and effective decision making.  Although Clayton is nearing retirement, his resume, awards and merit are attractive to businesses looking to climb to the top in a shorter time span.  Clayton can help with team development and coaching of the organization immediately but will still need a strong organizational development plan in place in order to succeed.

So what can be said about this particular scenario?  Well it is obvious that both leaders have the potential to take the business to the next level and have the ability to inspire their employees through their passion and perseverance, but it is a matter of how much time the organization is willing to invest in order to be successful.   From the perspective of an NFL franchise owner, I understand the decision process that the Denver Broncos organization went through and only time will tell if they made the right choice.

Do you have a Tebow or a Manning leading your organization?