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Happiness is often an emotion that is taken for granted. Managers, in particular, are not usually the happiest people in the workforce, especially because it’s hard to be completely satisfied as the boss.
After all, the more pleased you are, the harder it becomes to please you the next time, according to an article in Psychology Today.

While many philosophers and researchers have given their thoughts and opinions on what is happiness, everyone agrees that happiness is both subjective and relative. Many believe everyone can pursue happiness, but just have to make a conscious choice to become happy.

If you have been feeling a bit fatigued at your job lately, it’s understandable. It’s hard not to get burned out by the day-to-day grind.

Still, you need to realize that all workers, no matter how high or low they are on the career ladder, can feel drained. There are, however, actions one can take to bring a bit more enthusiasm to their days again.

Remember, while a strong vision and a balanced sense of risk bring the “mind” along, it is the inspiration that results from the “heart” tha4 energizes your vision. Your initiatives get energized through your enthusiasm, your energy, and your excitement. Here is a link to an earlier post on bringing energy to the office.

If you feel you are lacking passion or enthusiasm for your role, you may be missing opportunities to inspire, motivate, and energize your team.

Try to revisit some of your earlier thinking when, you were more positive about opportunities. What has changed to cause you to be less passionate? Is it organizational changes, budget cuts, layoffs?

Here are some tips to help bring your motivation level back up:

  • What are the norms and expectations around work hours? If people are expected to work 50-80 hours per week, this is likely to have a negative impact on morale and retention. Encourage work/life balance for yourself and your team members. Are you modeling an overactive achievement motive or a strong balance motive?
  • Develop strong, personal relationships with your team members and point out how each team member will personally benefit if the team’s vision is achieved. This collaboration could help bring new life into your role.
  • Know what aspects of the job interest and excite your employees, and then provide them with opportunities to pursue these.
  • Pursue an outside hobby whether it is community work, writing a book, or joining a new gym. When you start an activity that is just for pure joy, it actually can help you become happier as a person, which could eventually have a domino effect to your career.

When you’re happy at your job, your enthusiasm inspires people and gets them moving toward important goals.