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Get Recognized at Work

Recognition in the workplace comes in many forms. Maybe it’s a note from a coworker thanking you for your significant contributions to their project, or a shout out in a meeting by the big boss letting the team know what a great asset you are – regardless of what form it comes in, one simple truth remains: recognition feels good.

But what if you feel invisible in the eyes of management? Maybe you take on major roles in projects, but your work shines behind the scenes where many higher-ups don’t poke around. That can make even the most seasoned professional feel unrecognized, left out – not part of the team.

Fortunately however, there are ways to increase your personal presence in the workplace to get noticed by management and rewarded for your hard work.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have: It sounds cliche, but this is a tried and true way to increase awareness of yourself and your work. Instead of dragging on an old pair of jeans, scuffed sneakers and a t-shirt, try classing it up a bit. Buy a nice pair of slacks, polish up the old dress shoes sitting in your closet, get a crisp new dress shirt (ironed) and comb your hair nicely. You’d be absolutely amazed at what a difference a minor change in your appearance can do!

Take the Initiative: Let’s face it, this is a job no one wants to do. Meetings are long and tedious enough without having to listen and write down everything that’s being said – so look great in the eyes of management and volunteer! Once they see your initiative, organizational skills and willingness to do the dirty work you’ll be instantly elevated in their eyes as someone who loves his work!

Participate, and offer your expertise: Meeting etiquette tends to dictate that the most senior level employee is the one to do the talking, lead the meeting and define goals and expectations – don’t take that away from them, but if there’s an opportunity for feedback, questions, comments, ideas, etc., go for it! The more good things you have to contribute, the higher your level of recognition rises.

Remember first and foremost that you are a professional making a professional’s wages – so look the part, take the initiative and let your interest and willingness shine through – you’ll be on your way to success and recognition in the workplace in no time!