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From Sheep To Wolves: How To Change A Culture Of Fear

Are you afraid of wolves? Don’t be! Wolves are actually incredibly loving animals that take care of everyone in their packs. They get a bad rap because they are predators, but, hey, everyone has to eat! In fact, an office full of wolf-like workers will take your business a great deal farther than an office full of sheep.

Unfortunately, much of corporate culture encourages sheep-like behavior. Workers stay quiet in meetings for fear of their ideas being rejected, and, in general, fearful people do not perform as well. Stress can lead to increased days out of the office and lower productivity, which no one wants.

So, how can we transform our flock of sheep into a pack of wolves?

It all starts with a paradigm shift. If the higher-ups in the company believe in the scarcity model, then this thinking will trickle down. Instead, we need to help decision makers understand the importance of abundance. As celebrated author Shauna Niequist says, “the myth is scarcity, the truth is abundance.”

Then, from this place of calmness, managers, CEO’s, and other leaders in the company can employ certain techniques to help their staff feel safe. These techniques can include, but are not limited to:

Follow these methods and your staff will be howling at the moon in no time!