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Effective Leaders Clarify the Company Vision

Are you a seasoned leader struggling to keep your team motivated? Perhaps you’ve recently been asked to step into a leadership role for the first time, but you’re wondering whether you have what it takes. The beauty of leadership principles is their relevance at any stage of your development.

Wander the aisles of any bookstore and you’re certain to find an entire section dedicated to leadership. Browse top-rated podcasts; leadership advice is not hard to find. So with so many available opinions on the subject of leadership, is there one concept that can revolutionize your ability to lead your team? Absolutely.

When it comes to running a successful business team, effective leaders clarify the company vision.

You can assemble a team of superstars with staggering talent and unlimited potential, but if they are unclear on your company’s driving mission it won’t matter. A Ferrari with the gas pedal pushed to the floor is destined for disaster if nobody steers towards a clear destination. The same is true for an ambitious team with no direction, no vision.

As a leader, your first–and most important–task is to craft a crystal clear vision for your company. Look beyond operating capital. Go deeper than work force productivity. In his Fast Company article, Justin Rosenstein suggests asking yourself the following question:

“If we’re wildly successful, how will the world be different?”

When your company vision focuses on impact rather than accomplishment, it resonates with a wider audience. Once you establish a fundamental company vision that moves you, it’s critical to make sure your team sees it just as clearly.

A unified team focused on a common goal will always accomplish more than a group of individuals pursuing personal plans of success.

Your company vision is more than words on a plaque that hangs in the lobby. It’s more than a pithy saying to memorize and recite. Your company’s vision is the fuel required to ignite the sparks of inspiration your team provides.

When you, as a leader, communicate the company vision clearly and consistently, your team will understand they are part of something bigger than themselves, something more important than earning a paycheck. This foundational knowledge will instill persistence when challenges arise and enthusiasm when success occurs. Your challenge is to communicate and instill that vision at every opportunity.

When vision leads, results follow.