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Giving Feedback that Works

If your team is typical, some of your team members will do excellent work, while others will be adequate, and a few will need coaching to improve their performance. All of them deserve to receive feedback from you about their… Continue Reading →

3 Challenges to Rolling Out a Global 360 Program

It’s amazing how quickly things change. Just last weekend my youngest son was exploring our basement closet and came across a cardboard box with a masking tape label that read “Old Electronics.” We opened it together and found, among other… Continue Reading →

Great Managers Are Great Coaches Too

When you train a new employee or mentor a high-achieving team member, you are exercising your coaching skills. Good coaches, like good managers, develop people by providing them with the appropriate resources, training, and assignments. Effective coaches act as mentors… Continue Reading →

3 Pitfalls to Using 360s in a Talent Platform

Convenience. We’re constantly pursuing ways to make our lives, both personal and professional, as convenient and efficient as possible. It makes sense then that we oftentimes opt for a larger one-stop shop, whether for increased choices or lower price. After… Continue Reading →

How to Develop an Effective Team

Whether you manage experienced people who only ask you a question occasionally or new hires for whom training takes up much of your day–or a combination of the two extremes–every person is a valuable part of your team. Effective teamwork… Continue Reading →

Sales Leadership Styles to Learn From

The world of sales is one fraught with pressure. As a sales manager who manages a large sales team, you probably already understand this. Being from the trenches, you know what it’s like for those in sales and the pressures… Continue Reading →