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The Most Important Leadership Trait May Surprise You

Powerful, Decisive, Analytical, Driven When you ask someone to list important leadership characteristics, these words come to mind. One key characteristic is missing from this list, however. In fact, it may be the *most* important one: Self Awareness. Why is… Continue Reading →

How to Achieve Team Goals Through Goal Pressure

Your most important management responsibility is to achieve team goals. As you know, in this current business environment where team members regularly resign or call in sick, the organization frequently changes direction, or budgets are slashed without warning, achieving goals… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Recognizing of Good Performance

It’s much simpler to continue doing something that is recognized as positive than it is to learn from one’s mistakes and change behavior. Therefore, if you want someone to continue doing good work, you will need to acknowledge what was good work…. Continue Reading →

How to Inspire and Motivate the Employees in Your Company

At the core of every great leader is the desire to inspire and motivate those around them. And when you’re on the leadership team in a company, your tenure depends upon it. Inspiring and motivating is easier said than done…. Continue Reading →

The Delicate Balance of Delegating

A truism in the management/leadership world is that “People quit managers, not companies.” And the number one reason that people quit managers is because of poor delegation. Either the manager is overly controlling–not allowing employees to make decisions about their… Continue Reading →

Fast Tracking Trust with Employees

Trust is the foundation for most important relationships and can take time to build, but in a business relationship, particularly between employer and employee, time is of the essence. A trustworthy leader is a powerful asset to any business, so… Continue Reading →