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The Booth Company (TBC), an international provider of leadership development surveys and survey hosting solutions, has revamped the survey pages on its TruScore® online survey hosting platform.

The new survey pages are presented in a cleaner, more intuitive interface that better aligns with the TruScore® brand. The user-friendly pages now feature a new and improved question layout, navigation, clearer terminology, and a neutral color scheme.

One of the many enhancements to the survey pages is the ability to survey respondents on a participant’s goals. Unique goals can be entered for each participant and their respective raters can rate them on their progress. This option can be used in conjunction with TBC’s TruTrack® interactive development plan or as a standalone survey option.

TBC listens intently to those who utilize the TruScore® software so the company can make qualitative improvements that have a real impact on the user experience. Once the feedback is received, TBC makes it a priority to be very prompt in making changes that will better suit each client’s needs.

“Our clients really appreciate the clean, modern look and feel of the new survey pages,” said Tom Kuhne, Managing Partner and CTO for TBC. “Most of all, our clients now have plenty of options to suit their needs, due to the new question types and layout flexibility we’ve added to the site.”

TruScore® is a survey hosting platform that requires no software installation and can be accessed by administrators, participants, and raters from any computer that has an internet connection and browser. TruScore® is designed to be compatible with a broad range of assessments, making it an ideal platform for independently authored surveys, corporate university content, as well as TBC’s line of validated 360 assessments. The survey site is translated in more than twenty languages for global use.

For more information, including a demo of TruScore® in action, please contact Hank Curtis at (303) 865-3776.