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The Booth Company (TBC), an international provider of leadership development surveys, today unveiled a new logo for TruScore®, TBC’s signature online application for designing, implementing, and controlling all aspects of multi-rater feedback surveys.

With a contemporary look and feel, the new logo displays the TruScore® name in shades of blue and gray, and features a mark to represent the feedback process for participants. The new logo coincides with the release of the updated TruScore® platform, which will provide significant user and administrative enhancements.

“This new visual identity evolved from the enhancements made to our TruScore® survey software,” said Kurt Blazek, Design Director for TBC. “We believe the new logo better reflects the versatile capabilities of TruScore®.”

A longtime technological leader in the talent development industry, The Booth Company released TruScore® in 2007. TruScore® is designed to be compatible with a broad range of assessments, making it an ideal platform for independently authored surveys, corporate university content, as well as TBC’s line of validated assessments.

For more information, including a demo of TruScore® in action, please contact at Hank Curtis at (303) 865-3776 and