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Boulder, Co. – For 30 years The Booth Company has been the leading international consulting distributor of Clark Wilson’s Task Cycle® surveys. On August 31st, The Booth Company celebrated its 10th year as the majority owner. The late Clark L. Wilson, a fellow in the American Psychological Association (APA), is the acknowledged originator of multi-rater (“360”) feedback instruments for leadership and management development. Survey of Management Practices, the first in the battery, was published in 1973 and quickly utilized by DuPont, Dow Chemical, Pitney Bowes and other leading US firms to assess its high potential leaders and move them forward with professional feedback and coaching. Within a few years he published “Multi-level Management Surveys: Feasibility and the Initial Applications” 1975 which detailed the scientific basis of the surveys. This captured the attention of other executive development specialists and academics. Dr. Daniel Booth’s consulting firm in Boulder, which was using his own 360 instruments with major corporations, quickly replaced them with Task Cycle® surveys and created a worldwide distribution network with Dr. Wilson.

Daniel Booth, CEO of The Booth Company, states that “we were the intellectual heirs of the Task Cycle® surveys, and we celebrate almost 40 years of data collection around the surveys. We are proud to be of service to the business community with these surveys.”

In the past ten years, The Booth Company has updated Dr. Wilson’s original surveys and currently maintains a battery of 13 surveys based on the Task Cycle®. The Task Cycle® comprises six sequential phases that are relevant to managing and leading for change. These surveys cover every turn of the leadership pipeline, from executives to individual contributors. Dr. Wilson’s first survey, The Survey of Management Practices, remains The Booth Company’s most requested survey. In addition, The Booth Company has customized and created additional surveys for special applications for unique clients. Surveys have been translated from English into 12 languages. And, academic researchers have published at least 15 technical papers validating the surveys.

Among its other accomplishments, The Booth Company has certified hundreds of senior coaches and built a new scoring platform to host the proprietary surveys along with other publishers’ assessments.