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One size does not fit all. In recognition of that philosophy, The Booth Company (TBC), an international provider of leadership development surveys and survey hosting, can customize 360 assessments to meet the needs of organizations.

The customization of 360 feedback assessments is significant because each company has a distinctive set of values and culture. When the 360 assessments are aligned with an organization’s unique terminology, vocabulary and competencies, the participants involved will receive feedback that is more targeted and meaningful.

However, if a company is going to invest the time and money in implementing 360 feedback, the assessments need to accurately measure what it intends to and provide the maximum value for all involved. This is why TBC content experts focus on meeting customization requests while also maintaining the reliability of the competencies.

For example, a leading energy company called on TBC to create a 360 instrument built for the company’s comprehensive leadership framework. In response to that need, TBC assembled customized, validated assessments that consisted of reliable competencies relevant to each level of leadership being measured.

“Our scales are reliable which allow us to customize assessments and capture the essence of an organization’s culture without sacrificing the integrity of the instrument itself,” said Derek Murphy, TBC President and COO. “Customization is a critical step in creating a superior solution that ultimately leads to employee buy-in and engagement.”

For more information about the products and services offered by The Booth Company, please contact Hank Curtis at (303) 865-3776.