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Boulder, CO. – The Booth Company, an international provider of leadership development surveys, announces the release of a two-day workshop to train first-line managers in the fundamental skills measured in its best-selling multi-rater management survey, Survey of Management Practices. The workshop, entitled “Managing Through the Task Cycle®,” is an interactive workshop that can be that can be delivered in half-day modules over a period of time or two days in a row.

The workshop can be instructed by in-house trainers or by one of Booth’s certified consultants. “Managing Through the Task Cycle®” can be delivered as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with the Survey of Management Practices. Some organizations are enrolling middle managers and taking them through the Leadership Practices for Managers survey. Yet another option is online instruction for dispersed groups.

“Managing Through the Task Cycle®” includes units on the role of management and the Task Cycle® concept. The Task Cycle® comprises six sequential phases that are relevant to managing and leading for change, and a unit is included on each of the phases: Establishing the Purpose, Laying the Foundation, Sustaining the Effort, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Monitoring and Adjusting, and Reinforcing Performance. Additional units on coaching and development, handling performance problems and moving through conflict are included. Each unit is composed of a lecture component as well as practical exercises of relevance to first-line managers.

Training materials include a comprehensive Instructor Guide, Participant Workbook, and a full set of PowerPoint slides.