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Thanksgiving is widely known as America’s favorite holiday. What’s not to like? It’s all about food, family, parades, and football.

Thanksgiving is also the optimist holiday, where goodwill trumps feelings of anxiety – at least for a 24 hours. This can also be a time for business leaders to choose a thankful outlook, and to make it a priority to incorporate this appreciation into the work environment and future goals.

In the spirit of “thanks”, I surveyed a few members of the TBC team to find out what they are thankful for.

Tom Kuhne, VP and CIO
“I’m thankful for a happy and healthy family with a great wife and two boys that keep me very entertained and very busy. I’m thankful to be living and working in Boulder, Colorado, an amazing town with so much to offer. Finally, I’m thankful for another great year at The Booth Company. It’s a great team with some nice new faces added this year.”

Rachel Everidge, Project Manager
“This has been such a great year – I started a new life and job in Boulder, Colorado. I’m thankful for family, my wonderful boyfriend, and my awesome puppies – Kaya and Bella. My puppies definitely help keep life interesting and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Hank Curtis, Business Development Manager
“I’m thankful that my kids are still at the age where they think I am hip, despite my baggy pants and bowling shirts. I’m thankful to my reliable coffee mug for keeping my coffee fresh from morning until afternoon…as well as the new snow-capped peaks beckoning me to another season of moguls and powder skiing. And I’m extremely thankful and grateful to my beautiful wife, my wonderful children, our supportive family around us, and of course my job and the fun-to-work-with Booth team. Cheers!”

The TBC family wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Tell us, what are you thankful for?