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Few superheroes captivate audiences the way Spider-Man does. Sure, he is a superhero that can cling to walls and fight with superhuman strength. But many people say they like Spider-Man more than other superheroes because in the end he’s just Peter Parker, an average guy with everyday issues such as girl troubles and job worries.

The often quoted theme of the Spider-Man comics and movies comes from Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Even though the quote originated in the comic book world, it still rings true to all leaders in every aspect of work. After all, being a leader requires a great sense of responsibility.

Just as Spider-Man is responsible for protecting the city, business leaders must be responsible for those they lead. Leaders need to use their authority to positively impact those who are under their leadership.

It is a leader’s job to think of the bottom line and make sure that the business objectives are met quickly and effectively. Leaders must motivate employees and provide them with the tools they need to accomplish their tasks effectively.

As much as the leader is responsible for the team’s success, the leader is also responsible for any failures. Leaders should take responsibility if the team fails to meet its goals. The leader should not shift the blame to subordinates, but ensure that team members learn from the mistakes so that the errors will not be repeated.

Well, no one said it was easy being a leader.

Let’s go back to our Spider-Man reference. The entire city looks up to Spider-Man as a hero and a leader. Still, there are couple incidents where Parker becomes obsessed and irresponsible with his own power. This behavior proves disastrous for both Parker and the city. When Parker truly accepts his superhero responsibilities, he helps make the city a safer place for all the citizens.

True leaders understand the responsibilities that come with the job. And that’s the bottom line.