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The key to growing your company is to change with your industry — and change doesn’t always come easy. On paper, it’s easy to construct a plan and execute it, but persuading your employees to go along with these changes may be difficult. Offering a pat on the back or a certificate are great catalysts for change, but they simply aren’t enough. People need to know why the change is necessary, why it’s important that they contribute to the change and what they will inherit from changing. Providing incentives that provoke these changes, will benefit not only your company, but your employees as well.

Here are 5 incentives that provoke change.

1.       Empower Your Employees with Titles – While empowerment itself is not an incentive, the title that comes with it is. Working as part of a team may be enough for some, but not for others. Some people need extra responsibilities and tasks to feel ‘connected’ to your company goals. By giving these employees individual tasks and titles, they feel directly responsible for these changes, and thus feel encouraged to do more.

2.       Provide Rewards for Accomplishing Small Good – Chastising your employees when they fall short of their goals is not the way forward, and it most certainly doesn’t provoke change. Threats may ‘seem’ to make your employees work harder, but they are also working under more stress, which yields even poorer results. According to the World Health Organization, work-related stress is increased when employees feel unappreciated by their colleagues and supervisors, so it’s best to reward good work performance and discuss bad work performance. If your employee is struggling to complete their tasks, discuss the issue with them and work together to create a plan going forward. This plan should consist of smaller goals leading to a larger one. Reward the smaller goals with praise and small incentives such as — extra breaks, gift certificates or public recognition.

3.       Let Them Eat Cake – Yes, cake. This probably sounds like a lame incentive to get your employees to change, but there are two very real benefits that come from ‘sweetening’ your employees. Firstly, giving them a sweet snack provides them with that small release of feel-good hormones that will make them work harder. Lastly, they’ll feel rewarded for their good work and may work harder still.

4.       Give Them Free Lunch – Catering lunch for your employees may seem like an unwanted overhead expense, but the revenue your business will incur after providing it is well worth it. According to Quick Spout, feeding your employees at work will create a more productive workplace.

5.       Encourage Competitiveness – Provide a goal for your team, something your employees could quite easily achieve individually. Provide a non-cash incentive for the person or team who reaches this goal first.

Depending on the size of your company, it may or may not be possible to implement all of these incentives at once. The good thing is that it isn’t necessary to incorporate them all. The best way to know which incentives will work best for your teams is to ask your employees what it is that they want and plan the incentives around this.  You may find that change doesn’t have to be so hard to achieve.