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The Power of 360 Feedback & Coaching with, Fluxify & Sony

Our CEO (Derek Murphy) recently had an opportunity to join a panel discussion on the powerful combination of 360s and coaching.  Kristen Nolan from, Jonathan Reitz from Fluxify,  Duke Holliday from Sony Interactive, and Derek Murphy from TruScore sat on the panel.  Attendees were also encouraged to ask questions that were answered by the panel at the end of the session.  Check it out below!


The discussion covered many areas pertaining to 360 feedback and coaching, here are a few highlights:

  • The combination of 360-degree feedback and coaching can be powerful because the feedback can be used as a starting point for coaching discussions. Coaches can work with individuals to explore the feedback they've received, identify patterns or themes, and develop action plans to address any areas for improvement.
  • When approaching the use of 360 feedback with a client during a coaching session, it's important to explain the purpose and benefits of the tool and to ensure that the client feels comfortable and safe with the process. It should be emphasized that the feedback is 
    intended to be constructive and supportive, rather than critical or punitive.
  • To ensure the best outcomes, it's important to follow best practices for administering 360 feedback, such as ensuring confidentiality and anonymity, using a standardized questionnaire, and providing clear instructions for completing the questionnaire. It's also important to deliver the feedback in a respectful and supportive way, and to provide opportunities for the client to discuss and reflect on the feedback with their coach.

We hope you enjoy the video and if you have any questions let us know.