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3 Keys to Inspirational Leadership

Leadership traits are very diverse and sometimes uniquely suited to the specific leader that exhibits them, but few traits inspire others to greatness. Obviously for a leader to truly lead all they have to have is followers, but what the leader does beyond that separates the average leader from the truly transformational leader.

Those traits are unique but not foreign, they are just so simple we fail to recognize them at times. Let’s look at 3 keys to inspirational leadership:

A Clear, Concise, Communicated Vision

Effective communication is key for any leader and as Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget mentions, “it is this skill that a surprising amount of people lack”. A vision, well communicated, can inspire by itself and if the leader uses this to their advantage great things can happen. People want to feel part of something bigger, something that they can contribute to that is larger and more important than their own needs and desires. The desire to be a part of a greater good gives us, as leaders, an excellent platform to inject inspiration into the corporate blood. When given the chance to rise to the occasion and achieve something great, the average worker is looking for a leader that tells them exactly what is needed and then drives them toward success.

Inspire Them to Be Better Versions of Themselves

When leading others, unique traits and values will be discovered in certain employees. Sometimes these traits are simply “unearthed” because you live them. As Brian Tracy states in his article, Motivational Leadership: Inspiring Greatness, concentrating on living a life so admirable that it brings out those traits you desire in others, this sometimes brings them out in people. Once you uncover them, it is your duty to work to grow them within the individual. Inspire them to bring those traits out and build upon them, the reward will be immense. Inspired workers will carry the weight of the company and go on to inspire others. Sure some will choose to stay on the sidelines, but don’t despair, only one worker transformed is enough to change the direction of a company.

You Must Be Inspired Yourself

Forbes likes to call this the passion to inspire. The key here is passion, if the workforce sees your passion for excellence and commitment to the vision, certain employees will simply line up just by seeing this. Don’t hide that passion and definitely don’t act like it is embarrassing. When no one speaks up in meetings, be the first. When no one steps up to the challenge, be the first. When no one answers the call, step up. Others will to, right behind you and propel you to success.

These points are only a few of the many that we could discuss, but these 3 are key to success and will get you far down the road of inspirational leadership. They will also create a more passionate drive for success within yourself and help you empower others.