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360 degree feedback

Delivering feedback after a 360 assessment will make or break your reputation (and your effectiveness) as a consultant. Some organizations go through a 360-degree assessment and do nothing with all that data or the data is presented in an ineffective manner....... Continue Reading →

Professional assessments can be nerve-racking for employees, regardless of their performance or position. Your coworkers will have a lot of questions about and uncertainty toward any new evaluation process, such as a newly implemented 360-degree assessment.... Continue Reading →

The science of training and developing a high-performing team of employees is constantly evolving. And when you do it as a consultant looking from the outside in, the process can be even more challenging.... Continue Reading →

74% of L&D professionals believe skill building is the most critical part of rebuilding for the future. There is hidden potential in every staff member, waiting to be fully developed. Training and developing existing employees is the most effective way to...... Continue Reading →

When you are tasked with improving the skills of employees across the company, you have to employ the most effective strategies. After all, your work has a huge bearing on employee productivity, and as such, revenue growth.... Continue Reading →