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Sean McPheat

The Leadership Lessons to Teach Yourself

Leadership is a complicated thing. It’s not complicated in the way you might imagine a difficult math problem to be; the impossibly intricate, weaving algorithms that decide what unnecessary Facebook status you see, for example. Nor is it a scientific formula, solved via two confluent processes engineered in an elaborate way to work harmoniously together. No, the secret of leadership simply cannot be unlocked with a concrete method or procedure that guarantees results every single time.

What is the reason for all this complication? People! People are the reason that no set formula will work. People are the reason leadership only flourishes via delicate, individual cognitive processes. People are the reason people often make critical errors and end up sinking their opportunity like a dead-weight.

People don’t function socially and ethically on basic formulas and equations. They work more subtly than that, and as a leadership role is based predominantly on the social and cultural equilibrium created by you in your working environment, a basic set of formulas and equations simply won’t work. Seemingly though, many professionals, trainers and failing leaders do not know this.