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Kurt Blazek

A Participatory Leadership Style: Nike’s CEO Mark Parker

Mark G. Parker, at the age of 61, is the third CEO of Nike. He joined Nike as a footwear designer in 1979, advanced up the chain of command and was named CEO in 2006. Since coming to the office, Parker has more than doubled Nike sales, and has been described as the world’s most creative CEO.

Now that Nike is no longer the feisty underdog to brands like Adidas, Parker has the tricky task of finding growth in a wildly successful company. He says that often size turns to “constipation.” Size fogs the lens about what is really happening. He believes that turning size and success into a formula and institutionalizing it “…can be death.”

From Sheep To Wolves: How To Change A Culture Of Fear

Are you afraid of wolves? Don’t be! Wolves are actually incredibly loving animals that take care of everyone in their packs. They get a bad rap because they are predators, but, hey, everyone has to eat! In fact, an office full of wolf-like workers will take your business a great deal farther than an office full of sheep.

Unfortunately, much of corporate culture encourages sheep-like behavior. Workers stay quiet in meetings for fear of their ideas being rejected, and, in general, fearful people do not perform as well. Stress can lead to increased days out of the office and lower productivity, which no one wants.

Yes! Embrace stress (and make it work for you)

Stress. Sometimes even the word can bring it on. And we have all heard how bad stress is for our bodies: heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, chronic headaches, depression, anxiety, and even weight gain (Wait! Stress can make me fat? Now I AM depressed) are just some of the negative effects stress can have on our bodies and minds. But we live in a fast-paced, high-pressure world where stress is impossible to avoid. So what do we do? Well, it turns out, there are some positive aspects to stress, and if we can learn to embrace stress, we can make it work for us.

Resolve for the New Year: To Find a New Leadership Style

Has your bark lost its bite? Ship lost its rudder? Your charisma lost its oomph? Are you having difficulty getting your employees to see your vision and pursue it with the same energy you’ve put into it all these years?

Maybe your vision isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s time for a different kind of adjustment, a new leadership style. Changing your leadership style might be harder than changing the vision you set for your company or organization long ago, but it is well worth the effort, both for the growth of your company and your own personal growth. On the other hand, once you see how well different styles work in different situations, you may learn very quickly!

Effective Leaders Clarify the Company Vision

Are you a seasoned leader struggling to keep your team motivated? Perhaps you’ve recently been asked to step into a leadership role for the first time, but you’re wondering whether you have what it takes. The beauty of leadership principles is their relevance at any stage of your development.

Wander the aisles of any bookstore and you’re certain to find an entire section dedicated to leadership. Browse top-rated podcasts; leadership advice is not hard to find. So with so many available opinions on the subject of leadership, is there one concept that can revolutionize your ability to lead your team? Absolutely.

The Dangers of An Overworked Culture are Hard to Avoid

Everyone has heard the phrase, “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”  While this may be a great idea in theory, for most people it is not a reality.  Furthermore, doing what you love can turn a once enjoyable hobby into work, which then has a negative impact on quality of life from two separate angles. In his book “The Manager’s Dilemma”