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Kurt Blazek

5 Ways to Foster Communication in the Workplace

You want a work environment that is conducive to open communication. Ideally, you want employees to be able to discuss problems, successes, and ideas freely, without worrying about potential ramifications. To that end, there are several steps you can take… Continue Reading →

Get Recognized at Work

Recognition in the workplace comes in many forms. Maybe it’s a note from a coworker thanking you for your significant contributions to their project, or a shout out in a meeting by the big boss letting the team know what a great asset you are – regardless of what form it comes in, one simple truth remains: recognition feels good.

How Great Leaders Think

Leaders great and small process information, direct others, inspire at times and work for the betterment of the organization. The difference between the great leader and the not-so-great leader can pretty much be summed up by direction, but let’s get… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Personalize Learning for your Leaders

When you were an elementary school student, it was hard to imagine your teacher having a personal life. Similarly, sometimes as employees we forget that leaders are also humans (and sometimes they make that easy to forget). As a business owner or training manager, it’s your job to ensure that the humanization of business is executed from the top down, and the most effective way to create an effective, empathetic leader is to personalize his or her learning experience.

Time Management: How and When do You Make Time for Personal Development?

If you’ve been in the world long enough, you’ve heard the buzzword: Personal development. What can it get it you? How do you fit it into your routine? Does it mean you have to learn Twitter?

The short answers is: it’s not that simple, and we hope you already know Twitter. Personal development has often been thought of as the activity you undertake when you’re looking to reach the next level–you need to prepare to upgrade your relationship? You want a new job/career move and you’re just not quite there? It’s time for personal development! However, today the meaning has started to evolve into a much more Millennial-minded, individual-friendly viewpoint: personal development is for everyone, any time. Even Emma Watson is taking a year off to develop herself.

Taking the Middle Way: Why Ambivert Leadership Works

The Middle Way, The Golden Mean, Moderation in All Things….

To start with, the wisdom of being an ambivert is not new to this world. Wise thinkers have agreed on this point, including Gautama Buddha, Aristotle and Carl Jung himself, the man who first popularized the terms introvert and extrovert. As cited in Entrepeneur’s article on ambivert leadership, Carl Jung believed “there is no such thing as a pure extrovert or pure introvert. Such a man would be in an insane asylum.”