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Josh Sheets

How Would You Rate Your 360 Rating Scale?

Whether you’re designing your own survey or researching a potential 360 feedback purchase, chances are good that the rating scale is not at the top of your list of critical success factors. When it comes to high-quality assessments, much of… Continue Reading →

Is Survey Fatigue Killing Your 360?

In my last post, I wrote about how quickly things can change both in life and in business. We see examples of this everywhere, including how ubiquitous online surveys have become in the workplace. Somewhere between the performance evaluations, culture… Continue Reading →

3 Challenges to Rolling Out a Global 360 Program

It’s amazing how quickly things change. Just last weekend my youngest son was exploring our basement closet and came across a cardboard box with a masking tape label that read “Old Electronics.” We opened it together and found, among other… Continue Reading →

Are you being a Lumbergh? Yeah, if you could stop, that would be great.

If you’ve seen Office Space, then you’re familiar with Bill Lumbergh, the smarmy, overbearing manager and his passive-aggressive approach to assigning tasks (“Yeeeeaaaaahhhh…I’m going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow.”). His managerial tactics are nauseating at best, and destructive at worst. Aside from getting us to laugh, this character serves as an excellent cautionary tale for leaders. However, the moral of that tale is not what you might think.

Sure, Lumbergh was the ultimate example of the self-serving micro-manager and we’re all well advised to avoid those traits; but who hasn’t already heard that advice? Simply saying, don’t be a micro-manager is about as helpful as the motivational poster hanging above my desk, (and equally stale.)