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Derek Murphy

360 Degree Feedback: Everything You Need to Know

“You can’t handle the truth!” Whether or not you’re a fan of A Few Good Men and the famous scene where Jack Nicholson delivers this line, the notion that individuals might be better off left in the dark always leaves… Continue Reading →

Why Do-It-Yourself 360s Fail

Do-it-yourself…this is a phrase that has always gotten me into trouble around the house. I used to think I was a lot better at household projects than I really was, but after years of home ownership I have finally embraced… Continue Reading →

3 Pitfalls to Using 360s in a Talent Platform

Convenience. We’re constantly pursuing ways to make our lives, both personal and professional, as convenient and efficient as possible. It makes sense then that we oftentimes opt for a larger one-stop shop, whether for increased choices or lower price. After… Continue Reading →

Onboarding: Make Sure Your New Hires are ‘All Aboard’

Remember those first-day of school jitters? You were nervous with anticipation and, as a result, probably slept very little wondering where your classes were and what your new teachers were like (stickler for rules or laid-back and fun)? That’s not even considering all the social issues that arise such as who would be in your class and where you would sit for lunch at the cafeteria.

We all hoped that those first-day jitters ended as soon as we received our high school and college diplomas, but as I’m sure you’re aware, that is not the case. Whenever one starts a new job, they are faced with those exact same apprehensive feelings.

Hungry, hungry, HiPos – Feed your stars, or kiss them goodbye

Ahhh, I recall with sincere fondness the memory of playing certain childhood games. Sorry, Monopoly, LIFE, and one of my personal favorites – Chutes and Ladders. Now, each of these has messaging, or themes, that could be related in some fashion or another to Corporate America – risk/reward; entrepreneurial spirit; getting ahead with good deeds and jobs well done; dropping down a few rungs on the ladder for our mistakes, etc., etc. However, I’ll spare you my trite connections (Connect Four!) on these beloved games, and instead turn my attention towards the focus of this article – the world of the hungry, hungry High-Potentials.

How your workplace culture is like water to a fish

People in the business community love their clichés. “There’s no ‘I’ in team,” “work smarter, not harder,” and my personal favorite, “think outside the box”. Ugh.

When it comes to describing a workplace culture, clichés are abundant here as well. With our open-door policies and expectations of giving 150% (how is this even possible?). These general statements don’t provide the employee with a lot of useful insights into what it really means to work, and fit in, at the company in question.

Now, I don’t mean to offend those in charge of setting the company culture. For some reason, workplace culture, despite the fact that we all work in it every day, is actually pretty hard to define. But just as water is critical to a fish’s survival, a well-oiled company culture helps keep your business afloat. And many companies sink or swim (sorry, couldn’t resist) based on their workplace culture and how clearly it’s defined.